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Visions of ZEALANDIA
ZEALANDIA Ecosanctuary
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Visions of ZEALANDIA

An art exhibition by Judi Lapsley Miller

The ZEALANDIA gallery (found on the stairway between the store and Rata Cafe) will host an art exhibition by volunteer Judi Lapsley Miller throughout June, July and August.

Imagine a verdant valley overflowing with native birds and plants because they're protected from introduced predators; an oasis in a modern city; a chance to reconnect with what we've lost - and you get a glimpse of the ZEALANDIA Vision.

For many years, Judi Lapsley Miller has advocated for New Zealand's birds through writing and photography. She is currently volunteer convener for both the "Storyteller" and "kākā nestbox monitoring" teams at  ZEALANDIA.

In her images she exposes her interpretation of the inner world of others – their thoughts and feelings, their hopes and desires – in a form tangible to the human viewer that she hopes engenders empathy with other living creatures.

In Judi's exhibition, she is presenting work from three series:

• "Birds of a feather" where the striking and subtle colours of the rare and endangered birds that live at ZEALANDIA are celebrated in a series of painterly portraits. From the shy kākā kura to the stately tūī, each bird is already a work of art.

• "Visions of ZEALANDIA" where she illustrates the struggle for wild birds adapting to living in a modern biophilic city and the vision of taking 500 years to restore the pre-human ecosystem - the length of time it takes for the forest canopy to recover to maturity.

• "Flights of fancy" where imagination takes over and roles are reversed - what would the curious and intelligent kākā parrots do in a post-human world?

The exhibition has been extended to run until the end of August 2017, with sales supporting ZEALANDIA's conservation work. Two works: the eponymous “Visions of Zealandia” and “An Urban Jungle”, are exclusive to ZEALANDIA in limited editions of five. For August only, members will receive a 10% discount on these artworks. 

About Judi Lapsley Miller
Judi is a digital artist from Wellington, New Zealand and a volunteer at ZEALANDIA.


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