The success of ZEALANDIA Te Māra a Tāne lies in our community. There are many different ways to get involved in our conservation efforts; join as a member, volunteer your services, search for job vacancies, or make changes in your own backyard to help New Zealand’s native flora and fauna thrive.



Join the movement to connect people with nature and keep native wildlife flourishing. ZEALANDIA Members are critical to the sanctuary’s conservation efforts. With your help we have been able to transfer dozens of native species and can continue to provide a safe haven for our special native flora & fauna.


Come and work for ZEALANDIA – we are an award-winning facility dedicated to telling New Zealand’s unique conservation story. We have a team of staff working in the areas of conservation, operations, education, customer service, office administration, marketing, and volunteer management.


Help maintain the sanctuary for all to enjoy. Our volunteers help us with a wide range of tasks and activities around ZEALANDIA. Volunteer roles require varying levels of skills, experience, availability and fitness. While some roles are seasonal, other opportunities are weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Predator trap

 Help at Home

Create a sanctuary in your backyard

Enjoyed your visit to ZEALANDIA so much you want the same experience at home? Planting native trees and having a bird bath are great, safe ways to encourage native birds into your backyard. 

Planting Native Trees


Birds eat a range of foods, including insects and fruit. When you plant your garden with natives, which flower and fruit at different times of the year, you provide wonderful natural resources for birds and other animals.

Trapping Pests


Create a true sanctuary in your garden by trapping mammalian predators on your property. It’s a powerful way to support local and national pest control. Find out more here.

Don't Feed Wild Birds


Although bird feeding is well-intentioned, you can cause a lot of problems – both for the birds and for yourself. Inappropriate food can cause illness / death. For more information see our guide here