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Citizen Scientists help nurse Kaiwharawhara Stream back to health 30 July 2019

Citizen Scientists help nurse Kaiwharawhara Stream back to health

Wellington’s Kaiwharawhara Stream might be polluted now, but citizen scientists are helping restore it to health.  

In a recent survey of the stream’s estuary by Sustainable Coastlines, 2400 pieces of mostly plastic rubbish, were collected and analysed by volunteers. Coastal clean-ups, such as those coordinated by Sustainable Coastlines, have inspired the Kaiwharawhara Catchment Plastics Project, led by Dr Amanda Valois of NIWA. 

Native fish ‘hidden treasures’ in the Kaiwharawhara Stream 9 June 2019

Native fish ‘hidden treasures’ in the Kaiwharawhara Stream

Our native fish are among the hidden treasures of New Zealand’s animal life because they are seldom seen. Yet the Kaiwharawhara Stream catchment is known to have 13 species of fish out of the 21 in the Wellington Region. 

‘Sanctuary to Sea/Kia Mouriora te Kaiwharawhara’, a multi-stakeholder restoration project co-ordinated by ZEALANDIA staff, aims to improve fish habitats throughout this important catchment. Beginning within the ZEALANDIA sanctuary, the catchment is the largest in Wellington city, covering over 16 square kilometres.  

A Future in Conservation 20 May 2019

A Future in Conservation

An interview with former ZEALANDIA Youth Ambassador, Elizabeth Werner

Through the ZEALANDIA youth ambassador programme, young people in Wellington were given the opportunity to contribute to conservation with support from the ecosanctuary. Elizabeth Werner is 18 years old and from Tawa. She is passionate about science communication and loves to creatively express the issues facing the environment through public speaking, art, and dance. 

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses 3 September 2018

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses

As we are probably all aware, nature is good for us, and science is backing this up. Recent ZEALANDIA intern, Lara Franco, looked at the scientific evidence for how nature can benefit us through each of our five senses. 

Kākahi are coming to ZEALANDIA! 12 July 2018

Kākahi are coming to ZEALANDIA!

Learn about this important ecological engineer

ZEALANDIA is welcoming a new addition to the sanctuary - Kākahi (freshwater mussels) are being introduced to our upper lake for the first time!

While they don’t have feathers and eyes, we are REALLY excited. The two species of kākahi are considered as ‘At Risk – Declining’ by the Department of Conservation—and they have a very important role as an ‘ecosystem engineer’ in our waterways. They can help keep lakes clean and healthy.

Sanctuary to Sea: the Water's Journey 22 March 2018

Sanctuary to Sea: the Water's Journey

Kia mauriora te Kaiwharawhara. May the mauri of the Kaiwharawhara stream be well again.

Kia mauriora te Kaiwharawhara. May the mauri of the Kaiwharawhara stream be well again.

I am the water that runs throughout the Kaiwharawhara water catchment area – the largest stream system in Wellington city.

Sanctuary to Sea 23 November 2017

Sanctuary to Sea

Kia Mauriora te Kaiwharawhara

ZEALANDIA’s first 20 years was all about focusing on the land within our pioneering predator-proof fence, and what a success this has been. The valley now harbours a rich habitat for many birds, lizards, and invertebrates, and our vegetation is now thriving. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of a huge range of volunteers, members, staff and donors that have supported the project along the way.

The Great Kererū Count 20 September 2017

The Great Kererū Count

22 September - 1 October

The Great Kererū Count is starting soon! From 22 September to 1 October, thousands of New Zealanders will be taking part in this citizen science project by recording their sightings of kererū.

Go Fly a Kite at Matariki 20 June 2017

Go Fly a Kite at Matariki

(but not within the sanctuary!)

From June 10 - 25th Matariki or Māori New Year is being celebrated in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

One Lunar Calendar ends when the 7 stars of Matariki appear in the Eastern sky at dawn where the sun rises.

Biophilic cities 8 March 2017

Biophilic cities

Living at one with nature

Picture a city where trees and plants coexist with buildings and streets, where a thick cover of ivy snaking up the side of a skyscraper is a deliberate choice rather than a happy accident, where you might pass a dozen exotic species of flower on the way to work, or happen upon some friendly wildlife on your way to buy milk. Imagine turning the sometimes lifeless architecture of an urban environment into a symbiotic relationship; a biophilic city.


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