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Outstanding volunteer Lynn Freeman 30 October 2017

Outstanding volunteer Lynn Freeman

When Lynn Freeman is not hard at work in the Radio New Zealand studios, she can often be found in ZEALANDIA, which she describes as her “happy place”, a place where she can get away from the stresses of work, take a walk and listen to the birds.

ZEALANDIA’s Wonderful Walks 17 May 2017

ZEALANDIA’s Wonderful Walks

Discover our tracks

Even though there’s a finite number of walks in ZEALANDIA, there’s an infinite number of ways to do them. You can mix and match the walks to suit your timeframe, energy level and fitness.

The giant weta woman of ZEALANDIA 18 April 2017

The giant weta woman of ZEALANDIA

Outstanding volunteer Sheila Playford

Sheila Playford has been described as a ‘Giant Weta Woman’. Since 2011, she has carried out a weekly survey of ZEALANDIA’s Giant Weta population and her dedication recently won her a ZEALANDIA ‘kākā’ award for outstanding volunteer contributions.

How smart are our robins? 30 November 2016

How smart are our robins?

Cognitive research with North Island robins

The boldness and curiosity of North Island robins/toutouwai makes them great subjects for cognitive research, according to biologist Rachael Shaw from Victoria University. 

Hairy-lobed hangehange 25 October 2016

Hairy-lobed hangehange

look closely and a small world appears

Introducing hangehange (Geniostoma ligustrifolium) – this small, pale flower may seem all too easy to miss… but not for our native flies, who happen to be very attracted to pale green! 

"Birds in their little nests agree" 25 October 2016

"Birds in their little nests agree"

or do they in the shag breeding colonies?

This auld proverb means those living together should try to get on, but this ain't necessarily so in the shag colonies at ZEALANDIA.

Get on track with Alfie Kākā 5 October 2016

Get on track with Alfie Kākā

If fresh air and exercise is your thing, then the track team might be your calling

I’ve just met some of Zealandia’s track team. I didn’t know what to expect really. Some kind of experts in running jumping and throwing things maybe? But I quickly found out that while mountain biking and walking were involved, so were lopping, sawing and digging. Track maintenance is their game, and there are two teams, mid-week and weekend.

Did you count your kererū? 3 October 2016

Did you count your kererū?

Mixed results for my great kererū count

Recently Aōtearoa - New Zealand held a week long 'Great Kererū Count' and I think most of my garden's kererū/native wood pigeons flew to Zealandia.
Kōtukutuku flowers 3 October 2016

Kōtukutuku flowers

the colour of efficiency

Have you ever noticed how kōtukutuku - our native tree fuchsia (Fuchsia excorticata) - produces flowers of two different colours? This is because it colour-codes its petals to allow for maximum pollination efficiency.

Heritage Dams 4 August 2016

Heritage Dams

On earlier visitor maps,  ZEALANDIA`s Lower Dam was referred to as The Lower Lake and the Upper Dam as the Upper Lake. Originally, however, The Lower Dam was named The Lower Reservoir, which was an earth dam completed in 1878. Due to the European settlers wanting farmland, large fires in 1850 and 1860 cleared that area of its broadleaf forest. Some of the valley was farmed uptil 1906, then any remaining catchment area was bought for waterworks.


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