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Native fish ‘hidden treasures’ in the Kaiwharawhara Stream 9 June 2019

Native fish ‘hidden treasures’ in the Kaiwharawhara Stream

Our native fish are among the hidden treasures of New Zealand’s animal life because they are seldom seen. Yet the Kaiwharawhara Stream catchment is known to have 13 species of fish out of the 21 in the Wellington Region. 

‘Sanctuary to Sea/Kia Mouriora te Kaiwharawhara’, a multi-stakeholder restoration project co-ordinated by ZEALANDIA staff, aims to improve fish habitats throughout this important catchment. Beginning within the ZEALANDIA sanctuary, the catchment is the largest in Wellington city, covering over 16 square kilometres.  

A Future in Conservation 20 May 2019

A Future in Conservation

An interview with former ZEALANDIA Youth Ambassador, Elizabeth Werner

Through the ZEALANDIA youth ambassador programme, young people in Wellington were given the opportunity to contribute to conservation with support from the ecosanctuary. Elizabeth Werner is 18 years old and from Tawa. She is passionate about science communication and loves to creatively express the issues facing the environment through public speaking, art, and dance. 

Counting Kiwi 20 May 2019

Counting Kiwi

It’s a beautiful calm summer evening. The last glow of the sunset is just fading from the sky and most of the daytime birds have fallen silent, although the kākā are still intermittently screeching in the tall pines at the top of the valley. I’m at the pylon, one of the highest points in the ZEALANDIA valley. I’m with another volunteer, and together we start unpacking torches, a clipboard and a compass, check the time, and settle ourselves down on a bench to wait.

Building the Upper Dam 20 May 2019

Building the Upper Dam

ZEALANDIA’s upper dam is a peaceful spot with the tranquil waters of the upper lake on one side, and a view over the treetops and down the lower valley on the other. But things would have been very different back in 1907 when the dam was being constructed.

Five Fun Facts about Fungi 14 May 2019

Five Fun Facts about Fungi

It’s autumn and fungi are appearing all over the ZEALANDIA valley. There are also fungi sprouting up in the ZEALANDIA stairwell - but in the form of Hayley May’s beautiful photographs. Her exhibition, ‘an enchantment of fungi’, is running until the end of June 2019. Hayley’s photographs were featured in this online photo essay a couple of years ago and she has continued to photograph fungi in the valley ever since.


Here are a few things that you may not know about fungi...

Wellington’s ZEALANDIA and James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor Announce Sustainability Partnership 14 May 2019

Wellington’s ZEALANDIA and James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor Announce Sustainability Partnership

A new sustainability partnership between ZEALANDIA eco-sanctuary and James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor aims to strengthen environmental goals and enrich the visitor experience to Wellington.

ZEALANDIA Takahē Chick Named 16 April 2019

ZEALANDIA Takahē Chick Named

The male five-month old takahē chick at ZEALANDIA, has been named. 

The chick has been given the name Te Āwhiorangi which means ‘the encircler of heaven’. It references a sacred pounamu adze (cutting tool) that is said to be used by the atua (god) Tāne to cut the sinews that bound Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatūānuku (the earth mother). 
The name has been agreed by ZEALANDIA, Taranaki Whānui te Upoko o te Ika and the Department of Conservation's Takahē Recovery Programme.

ZEALANDIA goes on the regional SoE grid! 14 April 2019

ZEALANDIA goes on the regional SoE grid!

A team from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) came to ZEALANDIA on 2 April to set one of the regional State of the Environment (SoE) monitoring plots. GWRC Terrestrial Biodiversity SoE monitoring programme aims to monitor the state of biodiversity, pressure by weeds and animal pests and effectiveness of pest management. 

1000th hihi hatched at ZEALANDIA 4 February 2019

1000th hihi hatched at ZEALANDIA

Hihi were first introduced into Zealandia in 2005 with 60 birds translocated from Tiri Tiri Matangi Island. Since then they have bred successfully every year and this week the 1000th hihi hatched at Zealandia was issued with its unique combination of coloured leg bands.

ZEALANDIA's Takahē Chick 21 November 2018

ZEALANDIA's Takahē Chick

Frequently Asked Questions

We recently announced that our resident takahē, Nio and Orbell, have hatched a chick! 

ZEALANDIA's Lead Ranger Conservation, Ellen Irwin, has compiled some common Qs & As around how we're responding to this exciting arrival.


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