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Weasel Incursion and Response 29 October 2018

Weasel Incursion and Response

Frequently Asked Questions

The October 2018 weasel incursion of ZEALANDIA garnered a lot of publicity and many questions. We've compiled answers to some of the most common ones that we received.

The Importance of Macrons in Te Reo Māori 3 September 2018

The Importance of Macrons in Te Reo Māori

In te reo Māori, macrons are known as tohutō: tohu meaning a sign or a symbol, tō meaning to pull or heave: they are symbols that stretch.

Tohutō are essential in written reo Māori because their addition or omission can either change or remove meaning from a word. Despite this, tohutō are frequently omitted from text in newspapers, on road-signs and everything in between. Sometimes, the change in meaning can have disastrous results!

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses 3 September 2018

How Nature Benefits Us Through All Our Senses

As we are probably all aware, nature is good for us, and science is backing this up. Recent ZEALANDIA intern, Lara Franco, looked at the scientific evidence for how nature can benefit us through each of our five senses. 

New Zealand’s lizards: remembering a forgotten fauna 23 July 2018

New Zealand’s lizards: remembering a forgotten fauna

New Zealand: a land of birds?

Aotearoa is well known as a land of birds. Some of the earliest observations of the country’s natural history were ornithological: Joseph Banks famously described being “awakd by the singing of the birds ashore” on his voyage aboard the HMS Endeavour (1768-1771). Ngā manu (birds) often appear in whakataukī (Māori proverbs). The phrase: “He Kotuku rerenga tahi/ A white heron flies once” is used to refer to an auspicious occasion. Birds are taonga and part of the ‘kiwi’ identity. They have become part of our national brand, standing for the uniqueness of our way of life and the fragility of our ecosystems, and we treasure them for it.

Managing Expectations with Wildlife 2 July 2018

Managing Expectations with Wildlife

From big cats to flightless birds


Gripping on for dear life with one hand, camera in the other, as our jeep reversed at speed on a rocky track, hoping for a close encounter with a tiger in India recently - I suddenly thought of ZEALANDIA’s night tours, and how much visitors desperately want to see kiwi.

Trustee Changes 2018 2 July 2018

Trustee Changes 2018

Welcomes and Farewells

ZEALANDIA warmly welcomes Jo and Libby to their new roles on our board. Jo and Libby bring significant experience in conservation management and science.

Jo replaces long standing trustee Steve Thompson, and Libby takes up her appointment when Denise Church completes her six year term in December 2018.

Getting Wild for Open Weekend! 21 May 2018

Getting Wild for Open Weekend!

ZEALANDIA opens its doors for donations

ZEALANDIA’s recent open weekend, held on 5-6 May, attracted a total of 6,188 visitors to the valley – with over 4,000 of these taking advantage of beautiful weather to visit on the Sunday.

The open weekend, held annually, is when ZEALANDIA opens its gates to the people of Wellington for a donation of $2 – our way of thanking the people of Wellington for their continued support, and an opportunity to share our sanctuary with people who may have never visited before.

NZ Sign Language Week with ZEALANDIA 10 May 2018

NZ Sign Language Week with ZEALANDIA

We're celebrating NZSL Week by teaching you some fun signs to try out, with our friends Olivia and Markus from Victoria University!

Pikirangi (green mistletoe) makes its way to ZEALANDIA 7 May 2018

Pikirangi (green mistletoe) makes its way to ZEALANDIA

ZEALANDIA has received the precious fruits of the rare plant, pikirangi or green mistletoe (Ileostylus micranthus). This species has disappeared from Te Māra a Tāne (the sanctuary valley) and Wellington City, and is rare in the wider Wellington region.

An Island, A Classroom 2 May 2018

An Island, A Classroom

By Perry Hyde

New Zealand’s southernmost school is a shining example of the active role of education in conservation efforts. With a mere 32 students, Halfmoon Bay School (Oban - Rakiura/Stewart Island) certainly punches above its weight.


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